Life Flow Wellness Directory

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Sheriesse has a passion for healthy living and a thirst for knowledge and personal growth! She also believes that making strong connections with people around us is how we build a strong community. She believes in buying and supporting local. We live in a great valley that has a lot to offer. Navigating through her own journey she has seen a need to make it easier to finding practitioners and products in the Okanagan Wellness Industry. She hopes to open up awareness of opportunities and possibilities. She also wants to create a space to become curious and discover the different types of modalities available.

She hopes to inspire, connect, and educate. The best results come when someone is willing to do the work and be accountable to themselves. Weaving a network of practitioners to guide you along the way can strongly influence the rate of progress. She envisions Life Flow being a resource to address the whole Mind, Body, and Spirit. Coming together in all aspects to flourish.