Francis D

Montreal, QC, Canada

Francis D is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He delivers texts both personal and committed, dressed in folk and mixed sounds. After an eponymous first album launched in 2015 and recorded at the Silverwings studio, he launched the creation of the project Au jardin in 2018. Like the One Man Band formula that he can handle in show, he approaches this second studio project mainly alone; he composes, arranges and records the majority of the solo album in his personal studio.

It is in solo or in group that Francis D presents the pieces drawn from his two albums as well as his new creations. Among his faithful collaborators are cellist and multi-instrumentalist Mario Giroux, drummer Christian Brun Del Re, percussionist Jean-François Beaulieu as well as singer Anne Léveillée.

A songwriter today. A unifying music under the sign of simplicity.