The Owner

Jean-François Beaulieu is the owner of OKWebDesign. Having a college education in computer science and other online training acquired over time, he makes sure that he has the necessary knowledge to design up-to-date websites with the technologies of the day. His priority is the security and reliability of the servers used to host his websites and the ease of updating the platform on which they are based. He also ensures good communication with his customers throughout the design and of course, he offers a fast and efficient after-sales service. With Jean-François, you are in good hands.


Vanessa Tremblay

Graphic Designer

After several years of studies in Web and Graphic Design, Vanessa worked for a few companies, then went on her own with her partner, Lilyjane Couture. They have a business that offers freelance services to other organizations. With her creativity, her passion and her meticulousness, Vanessa has all the necessary skills to make you discover the art of graphic design.

Lilyjane Couture

Graphic Designer

Following a school career focused on several fields of expertise (architecture, 3D animation and graphics), Lilyjane made the decision to focus on graphic design, and to make a career out of it. With her partner, she manages her business and offers freelance services. Lilyjane is often said to have a great sense of detail, to be creative and methodical. These qualities are immensely reflected in all her graphic creations.